About Us

  • Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP),India, was established in the year 1998.It applied for registration for the development of Education under Open & Distance Education & Regular System and accordingly the Parishad was registered under SR Act. XXI of 1860, Govt. of Orissa vide Let. No. XXVII-246/6409, Regd. No. 21494/70 & NCT Delhi, Govt. of India vide its Regd. No. - S/58933.

    The Parishad is the Brain Child of the New Education Policy formulated by the then Prime Minister Late Rajib Gandhi under the 20 point Educational Progrmme of National Development. It was the sole motto of the Parishad to educate the people from the grass-root-level in particular and reach towards the Globalization of Education in General, Within a time bound frame work the Parishad strives to spread the cerebral Vision to impart knowledge that is Wisdom and these things would be done in a spirit of Unity.

    The Parishad is National, autonomous, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation and enjoys statutory status under Constitution of India 1950, for its right to Education. It has been legally authorised ot impart educational programmes, admit students conduct examination and issue mark-sheet and certificate etc. Formulate the Bye-laws, Prospectus and other documents, copy of which have been sent to the relevant Govt. authorities both at the centre and the state and other concerned authorities for information and necessary action and also objection, if any.

    The area of operation of the Parishad is all over India . Centres for examination are situated in almost all major cities of India, where examinations are normally conducted every year during the month of May & Special Session during December. For foreign and N.R.I. students, the Parishad is opening its new Examination centres in different counties in the world.

  • The Parishad was inspired by the Govt. of India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Mr. Madhav Rao Scindhia who had introduced Private Universities bill for the first time in the parliament in 1995 and since then the Parishad has marched ahead covering a long distance till what it is today on its own footing.

    The Parishad has fulfilled all the requirements for NCTE, for recognition of Teacher Education programmes i.e. NTT, BTC, D.Ed, B.Ed, M.Ed etc from National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), vide its notification, Govt of India in the Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Depptt of Elementary Education & Literacy have since amended Rule 9 NCTE Rules 1997 vide notification No-GSR 801 (E) dtd. 6th Oct, 2003. and as per their Letter No. ERC/OR/9/2002/331 & ERC/OR/9/2002/698, dtd. Feb 10, 2003 & Mar. 28, 2003 & ERC/04-03/95/2003/1117 & ERC/04-03/95/2003/1118 & ERC/ 04-03/95/2003/1119, dtd. 8.4.2004. The Parishad has complied with all the requisites, accordingly NCTE has alloted Code No.APE00502 for Bachelor of Education Programme (B.Ed.), Code No. APE00503 for Master of Education Programme (M.Ed.), Code No. APE00501 for Elementary Teacher Education Programme (B.T.C/C.T./J.B.T.), APE00500 for Pre School Teacher Education Programme vide its Letter no. F.No. ERC/OR-E/N-7/2004/3908, F.No.ERC/OR-N/N-8/2004/3909, F.No.ERC/OR-S/N-5/2004/3907, F.No.ERC/OR-SO/N-6/2004/3906 all dtd. 28.12.2004 F.No.ERC/OR-E/N-7/2004/088, dtd. 7.1.2005, F.No. ERC/OR-N/N-8/2004/113 dtd. 10.1.2005, F.No.ERC/OR-S/N-6/2004/158 dtd. 13.1.2005, F.No.ERC/ OR-S/N-6/2004/159 dtd. 13.1.2005, F.No. ERC/OR-S/N-5/2004/640 dtd. 22.2.2005, F.No. ERC/OR-S/N-6/2004/608 dtd. 22.2.2005, ERC/7-66.9(OR-2004)17/2006/1890 dt. July 12, 2006, ERC/7-66.9(OR-2004)16/2006/1945 dt. July 12, 2006, ERC/7-66.9 (OR-2004)12/2006/1933 dt. July 12, 2006,ERC/7-66.9(OR-2004)18/2006/1972 dt. July 14, 2006 – and that the Parishad is eligible to conduct Teachers Education Programmes as per NCTE , New Delhi vide its Letters F. No. : 89/155/2006-Apal/63575 and F.No: 89/154/2006-Apal/63572 both dtd. 26.02.2007 and the matter of NCTE is subjudice before the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa.

    The Parishad is in process with Distance Education Council (DEC) New Delhi, vide F.No-DEC/A-200/7816, dtd 7.2.2003 & F.No-IG/DEC/OSD/03/9650, dtd 10th October 2003 and the DEC, New Delhi has communicated to the Parishad vide Letter no. 12887 dt. 07.08.2004 regarding development and upgradation of infrastructure before declaring the Parishad as Deemed to be University.

    The matter of recognition & declaring Parishad as Deemed to be University by the Deptt. of Higher Education Govt. of Orissa, being accepted & directed vide their letter No. 5M-IV-74-05.No.46491 dtd. 26/X/05 & vide Memo No. 5M-74-05-IV : 16792 /dt. 28/3/06.

    The matter of Parishad as Deemed to be University by UGC, NEW DELHI is under process vide F.1-25/93 (CPP-II) & F.I.- 52/2000 (CPP-II) dtd. 6 May, 2003 & 2.Dec, 2003, respectively.

    The matter is pending before different State Govts for approval of the different Educational Programmes conducted by the Parishad.

    According to J.P Unnikrishnan Vs Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, AIR 1993, Supreme Court 2178, volunteery Institutions have right to spread education & issue Certificates for Degree/ Diploma.

    Matter of recognition of Management Programmes from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, under the MHRD Ministry of Govt of India is under process and Hon’ble office of the AICTE, New Delhi has communicated to the Parishad vide its Letter no. F.No.PC/IFC/2003-2004 dtd. 5.10.2004.

    The Parishad has also initiated before the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi for membership, and the process is under consideration.

    According to Govt. of India National Education policy, 1986, Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP), India, is one of the best Institutions for spreading Open & Distance Education.

    Nababharat Shiksha Parishad, (NSP) India is a mile stone for Globalisation of Education not only in India but also in world which will lead “thousands and one” Educational Institutions in the days to come, and associating with the NSP will create an identity, unique emblem of its own, “The one and only one”. The Parishad has lit a candle of the light and a million candles will lit ablaze the entire Educational firmament enlightening the whole world in the light of truth and awareness.

  • The Parishad has worked hard in maintaining the high Ideals, norms and specifications formulated by the different Govt. Agencies both the Central and at the State level at all times. With a singular mission to eradicate illiteracy, the Parishad has marched ahead conquering inaccessible heights overcoming every hurdles on its way to reflect its own identity as only unique Institution in India where students have been able to succeed in every walks of life through the means of “Open & Distance Education System”. By adopting the principle of “Open & Distance Education System” to inject and inculcate the cream of educational and moral virtues, helping us to bring education at our door- steps. As such education could be easily accessible in a better and democratised way. In its mission the Parishad has not only been successful in educating people at the primary & basic level but also at the elementary, secondary, Higher Secondary and Professional level. This noble venture of the Parishad will cater the needs of those students who are interested in higher education but are unable to join colleges and universities for lack of resources and time. It is imparting education to the down trodden, backwards, detainees, handicapped, war-widow, ex-serviceman, minority community, S.C.,S.T. etc at concessional charges which are unique in it self in the entire Indian sub-continent.

  • Before seeking admission, the public in general tries to enquire and understand regarding the constitutionality of the Parishad. It also put them in to puzzle as to what sort of benefits the passed out students of the Parishad will avail. The only clear answer to all such questions is that all educational Boards/Universities are autonomous bodies. It is the discretionary power of the Universities either to allow or refuse admission to a student from another University or Board. In this way every state Government is at liberty whether to provide service to a person who has passed out from a particular University or Educational Board !

    Regarding the question of recognition, Nababharat Shiksha Parishad, (NSP) India, is a National, autonomous, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Educational Institution which is conducting different Educational Programmes under “Open & Distance Education & Regular System”. The Parishad is established in accordance to the Government norms and procedures and functions as per the guidelines & specification formulated by the DEC, New Delhi, UGC, New Delhi & NCTE, New Delhi, and different Govt.etc. from time to time. The Parishad is at present one of the leading Educational Institutions of the country and its Educational Programmes are similar to the courses offered by various Universities and Educational Boards. The passed out students of the Parishad are serving in Public Sector Undertakings ICSE & CBSE affiliated Schools and private organisations etc. & Abroad. They are successful on all frontiers and are able to excel as men of eminence by securing higher position in life and also men of high profile today

    This Parishad was established and registered under the constitutional provisions of India , S.R. Act-XXI-1860 vide Let. No. XXVII-246/6409 & Govt. Regd No. 21494/70. & NCT Delhi, Govt. of India, vide its Regd. No. - S/58933. On fulfillment of provision of the Constitution India 1950, the Parishad is serving for the people of the Nation in the field Educational & Social Development.

    Nababharat Shiksha Parishad, (NSP) India, has never received any grant-in-aid either from the Government or from the University Grants Commission(UGC), so far. Therefore UGC Act, is not applicable on the Parishad. The concept of Distance Education originated from Berlin (Germany) in 1856. Afterwards, Russia granted recognisation to distance education in the world. In this manner the idea of open university was conceived by the British Prime Minister, Mr.Harold Wilson in the year 1963, to provide an opportunity to persons who were otherwise denied to achieve further education and make their lives successful & prosperous. In 1969 under the Royal Charter, an Open University, was established, the success of which was far more reaching than the traditional Universities. Under the new Education Policy, 1986, the Government of India stressed upon Open Universities and Distance Education. NSP, India, is getting necessary co-operation from the educationists, professors and social workers of the country and proceeded ahead with the aforesaid system. It is their unanimous opinion that Parishad has given practical shape to the concept of British Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Wilson, by providing Open and Distance Education to the under privileged sections of the country and giving prime importance for educational development under above theory. More over the ventures adopted by Nababharat Shiksha Parishad, India, is a matter of real appreciation. Under Human Rights Protection Act 1993, autonomous bodies like Parishad have been given special protection & consideration. For further details, please refer : AIR 1993 SC 2178.

    Dr. Chandan Kumar Behera
    Admn. Off : Nababharat Shiksha Parishad (NSP) India
    “Aru-Poorna Bhawan”, Plot No. 247,
    Pani Tanki Road, Rourkela-769014, India.